Paid content/Subscription/Membship Addon

Hello Team,

We are looking for a Paid content/Subscription/Membership addon so that users have to pay for the premium content over the website. We have a lot of content over the website and we will filter out the free content and premium content. The feature we require is to get access to the premium content they need to pay. Payment can be daily/weekly/monthly or so on. They can do it on a one-time payment or reoccurring basis. So do you guys have any addon which can have this functionality or similar functionality?

Thank You! :)

linuxoid replied on at Permalink Reply
If you

- add a user group called for example "Paid Content",
- then set permissions for all pages meant to be viewed only by the paid members by page > Permissions > Who can view this page? > select group "Paid Content",
- then it's only a matter of adding the paid user to that group to enable them to access the paid pages.

Is that suitable? Or are you actually after a payment addon rather than restricted viewing?
parth0072 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the reply,

The information you provided will help to create pages that can be accessed by users in the particular group but I am not sure how the following points can be achieved

Payment to access the page(Subscription)
Also each time any user pays, he/she will need to wait until they are added to the group

So I will like to automate the complete system like it have WooCommerce Subscriptions over the WordPress
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
parth0072 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the reply,

we have an account with so planning to use that payment gateway,

but first, we need to figure out to automate the subscription method, if user pays for 1 day he will get access to content for 1 day only