Won't allow me to edit page

Hi, I have seen a couple of these questions on the forum but no one has been able to answer my needs.

My Home page won't allow me to edit and at the bottom, this message is there. However all other pages are fine and allow me to edit them.

Fatal error: Can't use method return value in write context in /home/yellocoza/public_html/blocks/page_list/templates/featured.php on line 17

How do I fix this?

JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Such issues are usually a consequence of:

a) A custom theme or theme modification that doesn't facilitate the edit mechanism

b) A javascript error from something added to the page that is preventing other scripts from working (check the browser dev console)

c) An HTML block or custom block with mis-matched elements, such as a <div> with no closing </div>

if (b) or (c) originate in a block and diagnosis is not obvious as to exactly where, you may be able to roll back the page version through the dashboard sitemap.