Concrete5 on AWS EC2 - Current Tutorial, Steps Not Working


As the title states, client is looking to have Concrete5 (newest version, as of June 2021) installed on EC2. So far, a few of the steps in the tutorial (linked below) aren't working (install mysql-server, install php-mcrypt) but I found workarounds (linked below).

After I have these, followed the "Start Up Services" step but AMI test page doesn't work. As well, "mysql -u root -p" requires a password and I cannot get past (hit enter [blank], tried AWS password, etc.)

Any help, direction or ideas would be greatly appreciated. I also posted in the Slack group too for help.



Yum install mysql-server replacement:

Yum install php-mcrypt replacement:

mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
When you say the test page doesn't work, do you mean that the server doesn't respond, or do you mean you see some sort of error?

I'm wondering if you've not opened the firewall to the EC2 instance, e.g.

With your mysql step, try running that command with sudo in front of it.
Kyle14 replied on at Permalink Reply

Thank you. The security issue was my error. Much appreciated!