Page Report "Create the parent page first"

In the "Page Reports" sub-section of the Multilingual section for the Home page, I'm getting an error "Create the parent page first" for the Home page. The error is only there in one direction. If the Drop down menu is on my default language then the error is there, but if it's on the translated page (French), then there is no error. I have no idea how to fix this.
Help Please!

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baxterdmutt replied on at Permalink Reply
Really!!! No one can help me ?!?!
baxterdmutt replied on at Permalink Reply
I figured this out on my own. What this means is that you need to add the URL slug on both home pages. I added en_GB on my default page and fr_CA for the Canadian French pages. The cryptic warning that Concrete5 gives really should be changed to something like p”Create URL-slug first”.