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Marketplace add on question

I wasn't sure which forum to post this in, but I'm wondering how the add on licensing model works in the marketplace. Our environment has dev, staging and production. If we purchase an add on, do we need to buy it 3 times, one for each environment? Th… version - how much longer will my website stay up?

Hello, I am using PHP 7.3.27 for my website, do you guys have any idea how much longer this old version will last, before my webhosting company (Bluehost) will no longer be able to host it? I know I will need to build a new site, I'm trying to get…

New version of "Add Animation"

Hi, I have added a new version free addon "Add Animation". New things: - saving animation - saving global setting Feel free to test. Thanks

Marketplace integration disabled

I have connected my site to Concrete5 community with a 'demo.domain' while building the site. Now I am using the real domain (URL) and I can't connect Community anymore to get new add-ones. When I try to connect to the Community system says 'External …

Free "Add animation" addon

Hey, as of today, the aos script is free. I invite you to download and use :-) Regards

How to add images to package documentation page?

I want to create a Howto for my package. I added a documentation page. But the text editor doesn't allow adding images from upload or clipboard. It only has a link insert thing which is not working either (image uploaded into a cloud doesn't load). How…

liner error on unlink and file_put_contents

Hi, i got errors on c5 liner using "unlink" and "file_put_contents" on a block i'm going to submit to marketplace The block loads and works perfect on my sites. So are this command deprecated ? but I've seen they are used also in core C5 (even with…

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