About Header Navigation of the paid theme "Juniper"

Thank you to everyone in the forum.
I purchased the paid theme "Juniper", but I'm having trouble customizing it.
As you can see on the demo site, you can not directly access the parent page of Header Navigation, so ask the author and hover the mouse cursor to display the item of the child page with a pull-down and the file of "functions.js" so that you can also access the parent page directly I got
When applied to my site, it behaves as expected on a computer, but when touched on mobile, the pull-down child page is difficult to display, and only the parent page is accessed.

The author also gave me a hint on the following page, but I can't understand it due to my lack of knowledge.


It will be like hope soon.

Could someone lend me some help?

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your cooperation.