using same theme for child sites

I'm an administrator to a club site and I want to use the same theme on chapter sites as I do on the Main site. Is there a way to copy the entire customized theme and apply it to these other sites?

JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
If you are referring to customising the theme using the cog->design panel, then the only way to move such is to clone the entire site as a starting point for the subdomain site.

If you are confident with hacking database tables, you may be able to copy the relevant data into subdomain's database. But there are many hazards involved in doing such.

In general, the design panel is for making occasional tweaks to a page or theme. If you need to go further, creating a new theme by cloning the theme package you started with or shimming it is a cleaner way to work.

If you started with Elemental, there is even a free addon to help you do so - Elemental Cloner -