Adding Thumbnails with content editor?

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When we add a picture with the content editor, we get a path like this :

But I need the thumbnail too.
Is there a way to put a path like this :


to get the thumbnail easily ?

thank you

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wedge replied on at Permalink Reply
No idea ?

How do you do with your projects ?

thank you!
sceva replied on at Permalink Reply
I just had a need for the same thing... I just want to have a normal content block, insert an image, have it display in a thumbnail size. when you click it have it show the full size image (or set the max size). It does not have to be a fancy zoom like zoom image, even open as a new window/tab...

Actually inserting a zoom image in a content or expandable content block would be great, but it looks like that has been suggested many times before and it has not been done yet..