Editing (v7+)

Replace old pages

Hi, What is the best method to replace the old pages with the new pages. We already have the new pages but are not active, so any suggestions on how to replace them.

Stack permissions not working

I have Advanced Permissions enabled on my site and I'm running into issues with stack permissions. I am trying to set up a group that will be able to add/edit content blocks to the main area of each page, but will be prevented from changing (adding, ed…

attritubtes in calendar

Hello, I have created an events calendar, I have created a set and I have associated new fields to it, but when I create an event, the fields to fill in do not appear. How can I make the fields appear when adding a new event? Thanks!

Cannot add events to calendar

Off and on (mostly on) for the last week or so I have been unable to add events to my calendar. I open the calendar and click the Add Event button but instead of the full dialog I get what is shown in the attached. None of the links work so I can't even u…

Non Clickable Nav Link

How can I make a item that is a page and has sub paged no clickable. I do not want any details in the page but want the user to be able to select any of the sub pages

set Concrete5 to remove index.php. Now I can't login!

Hello, From the redirects page in Concrete5 I removed the code below. This caused a 404 on all my navigation links, including login. Now I cannot login to put it back. Help! Thank you >>> For Apache > For nginx

Multi user log in

Hello! I use Concrete for my web page. It has couple of pages that tell about me and my work and then there is "Log in" page where certain people can access. I've had couple of emails saying that log in takes them to strange page and if they click anyt…

Image resizing

Hello, How do I add text to one side and a photo that auto adjust indefinitley to the other side. Is there example on the html/CSS that is needed to make this happen? Here is an example: https://www.mckinsey.com/

automatically change the url when changing page name

If I want to change the name of my page why do I also have to change the url manually? Is it not possible that the path of the url is automatically generated in relation to the name of the page, exactly as it does the first time you add the page? Th…

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