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I use Concrete for my web page. It has couple of pages that tell about me and my work and then there is "Log in" page where certain people can access. I've had couple of emails saying that log in takes them to strange page and if they click anything in it the session expires.

I've made the log in page with low knowledge of web page designing. I just made new user to concrete5 and the log in page is just page called 'Log in' so it asks for credentials and after they log in it shows the page to them.

Problems occurred just recently and it could be because I just recently doubled my visitors and people who log in.

How does Concrete5 like that same user is logged in at many locations and different computers?

Is there anything that could be done?

Thanks in advance to everyone who is willing to help!

JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
There was a multi login blocker for c5.6

I don't think it has been ported to v8.
velpero replied on at Permalink Reply


Well I would like to let people login from multiple computers at the same time. There is nothing they modify during their visit, only view things and click hyperlinks.

Did login change somehow during the last big update? In the past after user logged in they were redirected to the same page where they were. Now it sometimes brings them to the 'leaderboard' or what is it called.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Its configurable at

There are addons that extend options for where you go after login.
velpero replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you John!

I believe this fixed my problem for now.

Have a nice weekend.