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I'm having an issue that I believe is the result of the caching system in C5. I was attempting to re-create a website for the sake of learning C5 but every time that I try to insert an animated GIF as an image block, it only displays a single frame randomly from the image.

When I got to the file manager the GIF uploaded correctly and it is animated. When I view source on the page where the image isn't moving I see that instead of linking to the image, it is linking to files/cache/da1ebc9683f866001987341b5f0a3aac.gif

When I open this file in my browser, it's the static GIF with a single frame. Is there a way to tell C5 not to cache images, or simply not to cache GIF images?

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Adreco replied on at Permalink Reply
Try your Gif in the content block instead. We've had no problem doing it that way. :)
stevendesu replied on at Permalink Reply
I was able to get it working that way, however this isn't exactly an ideal solution. As an image block there are fewer buttons and features available when you click "edit", so it would be less confusing to someone who wanted to use a different image in the future. Although for now I am using the content block solution.

I'm going to wait to see if there's a better option listed here in the forum. If not, I'll submit a feature request.
hereNT replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Enter 0 for width and height - if a positive integer is entered for size, the image block will call the getThumbnail() function and resample the image.
stevendesu replied on at Permalink Reply
Worked like a charm =) Problem solved <3