Beginner's question: formatting h2 for the whole theme and page


I would like to format every h2 paragraph this way:

<h2 style="border-bottom: thin solid #d1c7cc; border-width: thin;"> <strong>text text text </strong></h2>

But how and where to store? In the standard css file? I haven't found one.

Thanks in advance

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ryan replied on at Permalink Reply
Typically those types of global formatting changes are handled by css

h2 { border-bottom: thin solid #d1c7cc; border-width: thin; font-weight: bold; }

You may want to take a look at these resources as well:
ClickAccount replied on at Permalink Reply
Ryan is right:
that would be in the theme's css file - what theme are you using?

- but before you change the themes files - copy that theme up into a higher directory
themes folder

the reason for copying it is - if you need to do the update, it won't copy over your edits.

I found a video I had bookmarked done by Steven Braun - really really great for the whole process.
rr58 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for your answers.

I am going to apply your advices in the next to days. I am sure that the changes will succeed.

Yours Rainer