can no longer save edits?


All of a sudden when I try to edit a block, concrete5 does not have the "save" or "cancel" buttons.
Furthermore, if I try to add a new block... it just sits there and hangs and never does...

I did nothing different... it just started happening all of a sudden.

Does anyone have a resolution to this?



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lukasznillo replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi. Check the browser console if there are no errors when editing or adding a block
puffers replied on at Permalink Reply
Now the rich text editor won't even load when trying to edit or create a new block. Yes, there is an error in the console:
jquery.js?ccm_nocache=d846f33d9148b37e63b22ff9a7339155be77a7f9:4 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 409 ()
ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Reply
Server error 409 means there is a conflict in the delivery of the file, this needs to be fixed, try to find the file or code that is preventing the jquery.js file from being loaded by the server.
Start by looking in the server error log file.