Change email for user registration

I would like to change the email address that responds to new users who register. Currently the email is sent from concrete5-noreply@mysitename. I would like have the emails sent from an address that does not include the concrete5 name.

Any ideas?


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madeforspace replied on at Permalink Reply

I think this is the right one if the mail is coming from a form block.

In config/site.php add

This should deal with forms for you.
I think there is another way that can change the mail address from the Admin, I can dig it out for you if it's the one you need.

Hope that helps

noXstyle replied on at Permalink Reply


should do the trick.

I'm absolutely not sure if I got this correct, but:

FORM_BLOCK_SENDER_MAIL, will affect only form block? And if I recall correctly the block itself also had the option to define the email address...

Otherwise the address should be pulled from EMAIL_DEFAULT_FROM_ADDRESS. But here's the funny part: defining the default address will change the email for validation. But the 'forgot password' address will still be pulled from admin account, i mean what the f*k is up with that? Could be due to the fact that my current dev installation is anything but clean... ahh, who knows.
jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
I think you're right. Also you can use:
define('EMAIL_DEFAULT_FROM_NAME', 'Some Guy');

along with the 'EMAIL_DEFAULT_FROM_ADDRESS' setting.