File Manager - show file references?

I think it would be very useful if there was a way in File Manager to select a file and have an option to show me where that file is referred to on pages within the site. I would have thought that should be possible. I'm thinking of this for images in particular, but it could apply to any file type. Is there a way to do this, in File Manager or somewhere else?

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foster replied on at Permalink Reply
I would also greatly appreciate this functionality.
I have a site with about 2000 images spread across 250 or so pages, managed by 5 people. Over the life of the site there must be images that have been uploaded and are not being used. It would be great if I could clean up the File Manager by selecting all of the files not being used in the site, and then deleting them.
marinalink replied on at Permalink Reply
Same for me, I would appreciate the feature since the number of files in the file manager is growing and a clean up would be needed.

Either there should be an indication if a file is used and to automatically remove those files
or to have an additional column in the file manager indicating the number of places this file has been used/referenced.
okapi replied on at Permalink Reply
I agree, that feature would be great!