Homepage corruption?

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Something has just broken on our website's homepage. The page has not been edited for many days, and all it contains is the logo, a small Content block, an AutoNav block and a slideshow block. The first sign of a problem was that the slideshow was not appearing, but it seems to be worse than that... if I log in and try to edit the page, the action bar across the top of the screen is empty - it has none of the links for editing the page, dashboard, nothing. The page's AutoNav works, and if I go to another page, it all looks ok.

I have tried clearing the cache, no change. I'm quite astounded by this, and quite concerned. Any suggestions as to where I should be looking?

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scdesigner replied on at Permalink Reply
Maybe a problem with the template file for that page type?
marshallarts replied on at Permalink Reply
Hmm, maybe, but hard to see how. The templates have not been changed for a couple of weeks, and most other pages use the same page type. This is denting my confidence in C5 a bit.

The easiest thing will probably simply to create a new homepage - but are there any traps in creating a new homepage? In fact I've just tried that, and can't see a way to add a new page at the top level. Not sure what to try next.
marshallarts replied on at Permalink Reply
I think I've solved this. I made a tiny change to the slideshow block a few days ago. This change has been working fine. But earlier today I cleared the C5 cache, which I think may have somehow triggered this behaviour. Using the Chrome inspector, I discovered that there was an error in the javascript that drives the slideshow block. Once I corrected that, and cleared the cache again just to make sure, the page now works again. In fact I didn't need the javascript change at all, so I just removed the offending line. The fix I made could be achieved in the CSS alone. I suspect the javascript change was not being served to browsers until I cleared the cache today, but the CSS apparently WAS being served.