Local install, lost password

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I've just installed C5 to test it locally. I forgot to write down the default password it gave my admin account, and did not changed it after my first login.

I tried using the lost password feature, but it just won't send me an email. I've also tried finding the password in the database, but it seems encoded or something.

Anyone help? Thanks.

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Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
just reinstall it that is the best thing to do... back up the mysql database if you did anything first but not the users table and re import it after install
kunau replied on at Permalink Reply
Once you authenticate into MySQL and 'use' the correct database, this is the SQL you need to pull out the Emailed password reset message:

select logtype, timestamp, logtext from Logs where logtype = "sent_emails";

The most recent message is likely the one you generated from the CMS login page.
bencox replied on at Permalink Reply
This method works for me. I just copied the URL from the log into my browser and bingo!!

Nurdyn replied on at Permalink Reply
Saved my day! Thanks!
TrinityBob replied on at Permalink Reply
Worked like a charm..I have moved my localhost site from work to home so i can work on it after hours and imported the existing DB via PHPMyAdmin but could not log in. Running a query against the logs table only gave me a partial message on the last entry and changing it to full text revealed the weblink to reset the password. Copying this to my browser address bar fixed my password without any hassles.

Thanks alot!

P.S. update password method using Salt doesn't work for Concrete 5.7
Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
Get another c5 installation going, and just copy the password salt from site/config.php, and the encrypted uPassword from the users database table into the installation with the lost password. You'll then be able to login with whatever password that the second installation has. Let me know if this doesn't make sense.

(note that this will change all the other passwords too for a given installation)
hereNT replied on at Permalink Reply
Then it can't send the email with the new password. If you have phpMyAdmin or something else running, you can look at the Logs table in your c5 database and see the email it sent you. The new password should be in the body of that text.
Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
i think their way is easier either way you need php admin or navicat
ditec replied on at Permalink Reply
This way works well.
okhayat replied on at Permalink Reply
I faced the same problem even when moving my installation after I finish working on it.
The better way it to:
1. Get your password salt from config/site.php file
2. Use the following code, replacing the password you want and salt.
<?php echo md5('password'.':'.'salt'); ?>

3. Take the resulting MD5 hash and set it for your user like:
update User set uPassword = 'the_resulting_hash'
where uName = 'username';
okhayat replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
You can even easier use the md5 MySQL function directly like:
update Users set uPassword = md5('password:salt')
where uName = 'username';
Eleazar replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, okhayat!
maartenfb replied on at Permalink Reply
ubercool!! :-)
mrimpatient replied on at Permalink Reply
You my friend are awesome! Thank you so much
AccountDisabled replied on at Permalink Reply
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kranthikumar replied on at Permalink Reply
HI Okhayat,

Thank you very much for your post,

i want get password from md5 encrypted string, is it possible?
please help me,
thanks in advance.
phatworks replied on at Permalink Reply
not supposed to be, look into rainbow tables