Slideshow block display issue

For some reason, when I add a slideshow block, the images don't all display in the same place. Instead, one image appears below the last down the length of the page untill the slideshow begins again.

Does anybody have any idea what's going on with that?

soupmedia replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm seeing this behaviour too Krissie. Did you work it out?
katalysis replied on at Permalink Reply
We had this happen too, the problem seems to be caused by having templates in the root blocks folder.

It seems that if you have a /blocks/slideshow/ folder created Concrete looks for the slideshow's ccs file there. If the file is not found it loads an html page not found page rather than looking for the file in the /concrete/blocks/slideshow/ folder.

The solution is to copy style.css from /concrete/blocks/slideshow/ to /blocks/slideshow/