Vivid Store Paypal Description Alter

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if someone knows the solution to my problem. The paypal description in the checkout only shows the sitename rather than the product name so I have no idea what product the customers are buying I feel I found the location to fix it and its this code here.

public function redirectForm()
$customer = new StoreCustomer();
$totals = StoreCalculator::getTotals();
$paypalEmail = Config::get('vividstore.paypalEmail');
$order = StoreOrder::getByID(Session::get('orderID'));
$this->set('paypalEmail', $paypalEmail);
$this->set('siteName', Config::get(''));
$this->set('customer', $customer);
$this->set('total', $order->getTotal());
$this->set('notifyURL', URL::to('/checkout/paypalresponse'));
$this->set('orderID', $order->getOrderID());
$this->set('returnURL', URL::to('/checkout/complete'));
$currencyCode = Config::get('vividstore.paypalCurrency');
if (!$currencyCode) {
$currencyCode = "USD";

I deleted siteName to see what happens and the checkout description had that part blank so I do for a fact it's this code here that is the part that needs to be edited to show product name and such. Anyone know what to write or have played with Vivid Store ?


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Vivid replied on at Permalink Reply
This is because you don't send your cart to Paypal. Just the order information. PayPal also doesn't manage your cart, so even if we did send it over, it wouldn't be of much value.
ptdesigns replied on at Permalink Reply
So is there no way to add the name of the product in the checkout? How will I know if someone buys what product if all I see is my website name only on all products on the description? The add on block "quick PayPal" has the description so if they can do it I'm 100% sure vivid can ! :)
Vivid replied on at Permalink Reply
All the items they ordered are 1. Emailed to you (i think, right?) 2. in the Order history section of the dashboard (login as admin, go to Dashboard->Store->Orders). Paypal doesn't need to know what items were purchased. Just an order ID, and gives you a reference ID back to the store.

Again, the simple paypal plugin you're referring to essentially has paypal acting like a shopping cart where you add items to PayPals shopping cart. That's a poor experience. Instead the customer has a full shopping cart with your site. You manage the entire process within Concrete5 and the Store.
teamdb replied on at Permalink Reply
I am trying to write a report for VividStore. The sql is below..
I have been unable to figure out how to tie the person who ordered these products with these options and tie them together. It looks like you use User structures for billing info as well as email etc.. how do you tie them up? Isee from dashboard/store/orders?ccm_paging_p=1
it list
Order #

Customer Name

Order CustomerName Date Total Status
31 Wood, Debbie 2017-01-25 22:20:12 $25.00 Incomplete
30 Zwiger, Mary Jo 2017-01-25 22:16:25 $25.00 Incomplete

Where is this compiled? What database structures do you store it in?

select `VividStoreOrderItemOptions`.oioValue,
`VividStoreOrders`.oTotal from `VividStoreOrders`, `VividStoreOrderItems`, `VividStoreOrderItemOptions`
where `oDate` > '2016-12-31' and `VividStoreOrderItems`.pID = 5 and `VividStoreOrders`.oID =`VividStoreOrderItems`.oID and `VividStoreOrderItemOptions`.oiID = `VividStoreOrderItems`.oiID and `VividStoreOrderItems`.oID = `VividStoreOrders`.oID ;