Fatal Error

Hi, The following error comes up when I try to access my website: Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'ADODB_Exception' with message 'mysqlt error: [1142: INSERT command denied to user 'dbo563680448'@'' for table 'Logs'] in…

Connect to the Community window

Hello, I have the problem that when I try to connect the site to the community, the window - like the login mask like with iframe - is only 2cm high. So I can't connect any other ads or themes to the page. Who knows a solution? Thank you Klaus

Introducing Blueprint Grid

I thought I'd share a new project I just launched today. It is a multimethod grid system library, built with flexbox and CSS grid. Open source under the MIT license, so feel free to use it in any projects you wish. It will be used in future versions o…

A free add-on hacked my website during installation. If you will go to that website, you will not see the website. Using every browser, what you will see is a black background with yellow and white software code. I have attached a screenshot. Yesterday, during the installation pro…

I can no longer access login, dashboard etc

I have a concrete5 installation been running fine since 2020. Today it no longer will let me log in or go to dashboard. If I try manually goto dashboard or I try and login I get "page cannot be found" error. Nothing changed that I know of on my site…

Omni Gallery Elements

Newly released, Omni Gallery Elements is the latest extension to my Omni Gallery addon. This is a developer extension to format items within sliders, galleries and lightboxes using concrete5 elements. Its free to users of Omni Gallery, and available the O…

New updated image block

New updated image block to use the ‘.webp’ extension with many options including a popup using css, no javascript.

Website down due to outdated PHP issue

I have tried everything and cant update the PHP. This is awful the site means so much to me. It wont even load now. I cant get into the site dashboard or log on to cpanel.

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