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Hello all, I have setup my website in Multiple Language I need to move my root domain from to I need a Solution on this, How can I move to my root domain. Thanks!

CKEditor is not working on editing content

There is a error on register.js 409 Conflict

Override phrases? (just in English to re-word things)

Hi I want to change some text in a t() function which is part of core - tried using the translation system so I don't have to completely override those files & functions. e.g. concrete/authentication/concrete/email_validated.php has t('This email address …


a hint for us non-US americans: if you intend to localize your package, make the strings in the code US english. Do NOT make them in your default language, de_DE in my case. Reason is, with locale en_US, no translation happens inside Concrete5. It just as…

Translating Sets

Is there a method to translate Attribute Sets, like there is for topics? Or is there any way at all to translate the Attribute sets. For example looking at the sample project pages there are the attribute sets whos names are used as descriptions of the i…

Multilingual Topics

There is a discussion in GitHub back in 2015 on how Topic internationalization has been added. I can't find anywhere how to accomplish what the Github discussion claimed had been implemented: How do …

Page Report "Create the parent page first"

In the "Page Reports" sub-section of the Multilingual section for the Home page, I'm getting an error "Create the parent page first" for the Home page. The error is only there in one direction. If the Drop down menu is on my default language then the err…

Clarification for "Overriding core and package translations"

Hi, SHORT VERSION: I want to change some of the English texts in a package. I don't understand the "Overriding core and package translations" example in the Translation Files documentation - can someone post a working override file? LONG VERSION: I…

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